Friday, February 02, 2007

J2EE Anti-Patterns

Anti-Pattern describes the mistakes what developers make when faced with a common problem. They are basically the pitfalls.

Some of the reasons for anti-pattern spread are:
  • Cut and Paste Development
  • Unreadable Code
  • Inexperienced Developers

Architectural Anti-Patterns:

  • Excessive Logging - The disadvantages are [ Too Much design time is required, Complex Code, Speed(performance) may be affected ]
  • Leak Collection - [ To avoid this, set unused objects to null. Otherwise, leaks might lead to Out of Memory Exception ]

Presentation Anti-Patterns

  • Magic Servlet - It is the only servlet that does everything
  • MonoLithic/Compound JSPs
  • Overstuffed Session

EJB Anti-Pattern

  • Everything is EJB
  • Round-Tripping - To avoid this use Facade Pattern
  • Stateful when Stateless will do

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Last day at CBRE

Yesterday was my last day at the client place CBRE. It was an emotional and touching moment. We all were working like a family. Though I enjoyed working there, I asked for a release in order to work in project with higher responsibilities. I could remember my colleagues standing to give me a farewell. Hope I would land in a similar client like CBRE in future.