Monday, October 05, 2009

Ayman's 1st Birthday

Its been a year since my son was born, and we hosted a party for him in a restaurant in Pleasanton, CA. It was initially scheduled to start at 11.30 AM, but as usual like indian parties it started a little late. Some friends turned up early and were waiting for Ayman to arrive. I asked to take the lunch first and then we can cut the cake, as many of the friends are yet to come including Ayman's mom. :)

Myself and friends (Seetha, Rajive) decorated the party hall and it was quite good, except for lack of balloons. We didnt know how to operate the helium tank and due that the number of balloons was quite less. I realized that when kids were not so happy. Otherwise my friends did a good job in decorating the party hall.

I ordered a half sheet size cake from Nobs hill and it was a simple and tasted good. My wife wanted a tiered cake, but due to budget constraints, have to settle for a simple one. Hopefully for the next birthday, we will have a tiered one.

We had a challenge in lighting the candles in the cake, as the kids were constantly blowing air using the trumpet. Finally, we cut the cake around 1.15pm.

Here are some pictures

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Thirumalaiselvi Nambivel said...

Nice to know that the little one turned one. My belated birthday wishes to him :-)